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    Air Freshener

    Vega Star Air Freshener for car, home & officie
    200 ml
    1. ECO-FRIENDLY FRESHNESS: The Vegastar Air Freshener is a water-based, 100% alcohol-free solution that’s gentle on the environment.
    2. EXTENDED FRESHNESS: Enjoy up to 8 hours of lasting fragrance, keeping your space smelling delightful.
    3. ODOR ELIMINATOR: This freshener has strong bad odour removal power, making it ideal for various settings.
    4. SAFE AND NON-FLAMMABLE: Free from harsh chemicals and non-flammable, ensuring safety in any environment.
    5. ANTIBACO-SMOKING NEUTRALIZER: Effectively combats tobacco and smoke odours, leaving your space fresh and clean.
    6. VERSATILE USE: Perfect for homes, offices, cars, and any space that needs a burst of freshness.
    7. ALLERGEN-FREE: Suitable for those with sensitivities, as it doesn’t contain allergens or irritants.
    8. EASY SPRAY APPLICATION: Convenient spray nozzle for effortless and controlled use.
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    Bathroom Freshener Spray

    Vegastar Bathroom Freshener Spray for home & office
    200 ml
    1. ECO-FRIENDLY FRESHNESS: An eco-conscious choice for a fresh bathroom environment.
    2. EXTENDED FRESHNESS: Enjoy up to 8 hours of lasting fragrance, eliminating unwanted odours.
    3. ODOR NEUTRALIZER: Strong bad odour removal power for a truly refreshing bathroom.
    4. SAFE AND NON-FLAMMABLE: Free from harsh chemicals and non-flammable, ensuring safety.
    5. ANTIBACO-SMOKING FORMULA: Effectively combats tobacco and smoke odours.
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    Car Shampoo

    Vegastar Car shampoo
    250 ml
    500 ml
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    Dashboard Shiner and Polish for Car

    Vegastar Perfumed Car Dashboard Shiner and Polish
    1. LONG-LASTING SHINE: Our Perfumed Vegastar Shiner and Polish will make your car’s dashboard and furniture look better and keep its shine for a long time.
    2. UV PROTECTION: Your panel and trim will be protected from the harmful effects of UV rays, which will keep them from wearing out and fading too quickly.
    3. CARE FOR PLASTICS AND TRIM: Our special recipe is made to bring dull plastics and trim back to life and make them shine like new.
    4. DUST-REPELLENT: Our recipe doesn’t attract dust, so your dashboard will stay clean and dust-free, and the inside of your car will look great.
    5. IT’S EASY TO USE: Glossy Glaze is easy to use, so car lovers won’t have to worry about anything.
    6. FRESH SCENT: Enjoy a pleasant scent that makes the inside of your car smell as good as it looks.
    7. PROTECTS NEW VEHICLES: Protect the plastics and trim on your new car from damage and wear caused by the environment.
    8. PROFESSIONAL-GRADE RESULTS: With our dashboard shiner and polish, you can get results like a pro.
    9. VERSATILE USE: It can be used on cars, trucks, SUVs, and other kinds of vehicles.
    10. APPROVED BY THE CUSTOMER: Car owners trust and love it because it works well and lasts a long time.
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    Dog Shampoo with Free conditioner

    Vegastar Dog Shampoo with Vitamin E Enriched, Anti-Hair Fall Formula
    200 ml
    1. ADVANCED DOG CARE: Elevate your dog’s grooming routine with Vegastar’s premium shampoo and conditioner combo.
    2. VITAMIN E ENRICHED: Nourish your dog’s skin and coat for a healthier, shinier look.
    3. ANTI-HAIR FALL FORMULA: Combat shedding and promote a fuller, more vibrant coat.
    4. INSPIRED BY SPANISH TECHNOLOGY: Trusted and inspired by the excellence of Spanish pet care.
    5. GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE: Suitable for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and coat types.
    6. SILKY SMOOTH COATS: Detangles fur and leaves it soft to the touch.
    7. LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE: Keep your dog smelling fresh and clean for days.
    8. EASY APPLICATION: Effortlessly lathers and rinses, saving you time and hassle.
    9. VETERINARIAN-APPROVED: A trusted choice for pet owners who prioritize their dog’s well-being.
    10. HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER DOGS: Enhance your dog’s overall health and happiness with every bath.
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    Extreme Black Tyre Shine for Car & Bike

    Vegastar Car & Bike Tyre Polish
    • Long-lasting shine for up to 4 days
    • Natural tire color restoration
    • Liquid formula for easy application
    • Water-based and eco-friendly
    • Won’t leave streaks or clumps
    • Protects tires from the elements
    • Enhances the look of your vehicle
    • Easy to clean up
    • Safe for all types of tires
    • Made in India
    • Satisfaction guaranteed
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    Kennel Wash

    Vegastar Kennel Wash -Versatile Cleaning Solution, Superior Odor Control ,Multi-Surface Cleaning , Pet and Environment Safe

    1. COMPREHENSIVE CLEANLINESS: A versatile solution for home and kennel hygiene.
    2. VIRUS AND BACTERIA ELIMINATOR: Effectively fights viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
    3. LONG-LASTING ORANGE SCENT: Enjoy a fresh environment for up to 4 hours.
    4. SUPERIOR ODOR CONTROL: Tackles stubborn odors in pet areas and kennels.
    5. SAFE AND POWERFUL: Gentle enough for home use, yet effective against kennel cough and more.
    6. NEUTRAL PH: Works well in hard water conditions.
    7. ECO-FRIENDLY: Responsible choice for sanitizing areas with animal waste.
    8. FLEA AND TICK REPELLENT: Protects against intrusive pests.
    9. SUPER-CONCENTRATED FORMULA: Cuts through dirt and grime on various surfaces.
    10. COST-EFFECTIVE CLEANLINESS: A budget-friendly solution for a safer environment.

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    Pet Shampoo with Conditioner

    Vegastar Pet Shampoo with Conditioner
    1. PERSIAN PET HAIR CARE: Specifically formulated to combat hair fall in Persian pets, ensuring a luxurious coat.
    2. KITTEN-FRIENDLY: Gentle and safe for kittens, providing a pampering experience for young felines.
    3. SUITABLE FOR ALL PET TYPES: Versatile shampoo suitable for various pet breeds and coat types.
    4. AROMATIC BLISS: Leaves your feline friend smelling amazing, enhancing their overall grooming experience.
    5. SILKY SMOOTH COATS: Softens and detangles fur, leaving it silky and smooth to the touch.
    6. ENRICHED WITH VITAMIN E: Nourishes the skin and fur, promoting a healthy and lustrous coat.
    7. DEEP CLEANSING: Easily penetrates the skin, removing dirt and impurities from deeper layers.
    8. QUICK RINSE FORMULA: Washes off effortlessly, saving time and effort during bath time.
    9. HAPPY AND HEALTHY PETS: Enhances your pet’s well-being, making them content and comfortable.
    10. GROOMING EXCELLENCE: Elevate your pet’s grooming routine with this premium pet shampoo.
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    Rocker 235V2 Bluetooth Wireless In Ear Earphones


    Rocker 235V2 Bluetooth Wireless In Ear Earphones With Upto 20 Hours Playback Asap Charge Wireless Neckband

    Free Size(Length – 1.0 mm)

    Color: Black

    Features: Volume Control

    Type: Headsets

    Design Type: In-ear

    Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth Wireless

    Microphone: With Microphone

    COD Available